Villa Mayan By Afshin Khosravian And Associates

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villa mayan Rental property is located on the borders of the 3rd summer season vacationer town of Mashhad, which is 1800 years old. A land with a location of 265 square meters with a dimension of 9 meters, on a harsh land with a high slope, which its unique personality is a excellent landscape as well as its connection with the context.

As a result, the production of a harmonious link in between the amount and additionally the context with the tiniest modification in the historical-natural kind of the context was among one of the most important idea of the work for the developing group. Hereof, the research study and likewise full acknowledgment of native patterns, from the morphology of the structure of the historical village to the ecology of the natural surroundings, assisted substantially to type the principle of the work.

As a result of the very little property, severe topography, and also the summer season atmosphere of the area, making with the area was used as the primary procedure to create the basis of the link in between context and additionally volume to address its problems. Placing only 2 amounts (parking-entrance quantity as well as residential or commercial property quantity) on 2 various degrees, in addition to establishing a partnership in between them with a green space in addition to roofing system covering lawn, offered a excellent response to the program, landscape, in addition to open area of the project.

Patios play a vital duty in minimizing the mass of the amount, to boost its partnership with the context by giving ample direct exposure and also sunlight. The extension of the environment-friendly courtyard forms a reasonably deep patio, which defines the covered living area along with the member of the family side individual privacy for the swimming pool. Likewise, the courtyard of the first floor covering, which is to deal correct privacy, an opening and also shutting framework from the aboriginal plant cover of the area, called "Judas tree (Arqavan)" has actually been used, which is amongst the handicrafts of "Torqabeh" location of Mashhad.

It deserves mentioning that the darkness activated by the roofed space and the swimming pool water, which lies towards the area's wind from the valley, produces a chimney sensation, which has a wonderful effect on lessening power consumption throughout the summer season is in a kind that the energy intake on the first stage reaches near definitely no by opening the roof covering flooring home window.

Based upon the developing pattern along with natural-historical products of the context, the task layer has been done from all-natural thatch of the location, with a little iron dust as well as block that its homogeneity with the context makes a feeling along with odor of the area, and also adds their special intimacy to the appearance with the basic wooden in addition to native information. The details of the wall surface sconces and additionally lighting designs are all applied with local info and additionally inventions of the area.